The Biggest Library of Cisco Finesse Ready Integrations – Universal Connector

Cisco Finesse Ready Integration With

35.4% of Contact Center Professionals Believe that Lack of Integration is the Biggest Obstacle in Smooth running of Contact Centers. 

Does your agent still switches screen to answer a call? Do you still find it hard to integrate your contact center with your core business applications?

NovelVox makes it easy with Universal Connector, you can integrate your core business applications including CRM, Ticketing, Bespoke Applications, Internal Database, Legacy Systems and more. Join live demo to learn about  

Library of 40+ applications with Cisco Finesse ready integration

Customize view of data on Agent Desktop

Secure your data with showing information only what’s needed for the agent, don’t give agent complete access for the platform. 

Integration without coding anything

Integration with multiple application in a single screen view. 

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Jan 24


Jan 24


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